Game Development

We’ll make you super addictive three-dimensional and two-dimensional games that work on any platform—Android, iOS, Windows and much more. Whether you’re looking to entertain, bring in more business, or simply get your customers hooked, we’ve got you covered.

Games for Brands

Want a fun, exciting way to get your brand name out there for the mass audiences? We’ll develop the perfect game that not only entertains, but also energizes your brand by meeting the scale and flexibility you’re aiming for. Looking to get your name out there as a gaming studio? We’ll give you a unique visual identity with aesthetics and quirks that will make you instantaneously recognizable to your audiences.

Mobile Games

Have an idea for a game in mind? We’re going to translate it into a mobile game that gets your audience hooked right away. Arcades, RPF, Isometric and 3D—you name it, we’ll make it.

Facebook Games

Konext knows the power of social sharing, and we’re making certain your business is in on it, too! We’re designing and developing all sorts of customized Facebook games with stunning visual design. With Facebook’s sharing model, there is no way you can’t get your business name out there!

Konext Has Gone Global

We’ve got networked operations in development and designing around the world!

New York Operational Headquarters
We’re reaching out to clients all the way from New York
Amsterdam Operational Headquarters
We’ve got headquarters in Amsterdam to cover all bases

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