Software Development

We’ll build you bespoke software solutions that fits your niche and fits across all software development platforms.

Customized Software

Generic software won’t do your business justice. But software that’s built exactly to your processes? Now that’s going to add value. We’ll make you software that understands your business and improves operations so you can increase your market share.

Software for Enterprise

We’ll help you build software for all your management needs. Whether you’re looking to improve operations, employee management, inventory monitoring, or more, we’ll digitalize it for you. This way, your business will cut costs, run faster, and eliminate all wastages that have been slowing you down in the past.

Top Line Technology

We’ll use all the information you give us and use top notch technology to turn it into valuable software. We’ve got SaaS solutions, database designs and management services built across platforms like PHP, Android, iOS, Windows, .NET and much more!

Konext Has Gone Global

We’ve got networked operations in development and designing around the world!

New York Operational Headquarters
We’re reaching out to clients all the way from New York
Amsterdam Operational Headquarters
We’ve got headquarters in Amsterdam to cover all bases

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